Walking on the path to better health

In It For the Long Haul

“Are we there yet?” That oft heard phrase uttered by bored, grumbling kids on that just-a-little-too-long car ride. As a parent of 2 growing daughters, who, along with myself, have food allergies (or sensitivities as some may call them), I’m starting to feel the same way about the past 6 years.  When will this tireless journey end?

Our trek to understanding our health issues started after visiting a naturopath to see if she could help with our daughter’s eczema and reactive airways. She did an IgG blood test to determine if she was allergic/sensitive to any foods. After some foods came back positive, we had our other daughter tested and then a few months after that, I was tested as well. Here’s what we found out:

  • All 3 of us were sensitive to wheat and gluten.
  • 1 child and myself sensitive to dairy.
  • The other child and myself sensitive to egg.

And I’ve since noticed that corn and sugar can also cause me problems.

I do most of the cooking for our family but it’s not something I like doing so this was going to be an even greater challenge. How do I convert my old recipes to be GF (gluten free), CF (casein free, the milk protein that causes the sensitivity) and egg-free? What am I going to make them for their school lunch? What kind of products should we be buying? Where do I even go to buy them? How much is this going to cost?

This unexpected life detour took time, lots of research and help from my sister (who just started the same diet restrictions a few months before us) to get us back on the right road. It’s very doable and although it has been a struggle at times, it has been very worthwhile and will continue to be.

My goal in sharing our experiences is to help others avoid the dead-ends and potholes we encountered in our ongoing journey towards a healthy life and environment and to start a conversation on these issues that affect our daily lives and to learn from each other.

Time to fill up the tank, it’s going to be an interesting and thought-provoking ride! And instead of thinking “Are we there yet?”, I’m hoping one day I’ll hear “That was incredible, where are we going next?”.

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